Hardware Systems

We are pleased to provide you a complete range of Desktops, Rack mount Servers, Tower Servers and Blade Servers in addition to its related storage boxes NAS and SAN from top global vendors like HP, IBM, Dell and Huawei. Our team has a wide experience designing and implementing hybrid datacenter across small medium enterprises that would act like the backbone to their businesses. Our experts would engage with you at early stage from your business requirements mapping to design stage up to the implementation and support stage. We could promise you that you would get the best quality along with best prices across Dubai and whole GCC region.

Servers and Storage scalability would be designed as per your business requirements to avoid over estimate and underestimate situations that would lead to different expectations. We would support you selecting the right and cost effective vendor brand that would fulfill your requirements. Future Data is proud to bring you the top rated skill set that would make a difference to your organization. We will be more than happy to engage with you at the early stage to support you.

What added values that Future Data could bring to your organization



Reliability: Future Data is a reliable vendor to engage with in designing and maintaining your Hardware requirements.


Commitment: we believe that customer challenges are ours and we react accordingly.

03 Prices: best prices in UAE are granted
04 Quality: we maintain quality in all our procedures and internal and external operations which reflect accordingly to our clients.