Privileged Identity Management

In today’s complex business environment, your organization is faced with growing security challenges and intricate regulatory requirements that make it essential to control and monitor your privileged users. The failure to control your company’s privileged users’ access to systems could have devastating results across your organization: data loss and destruction, malicious damage, fines, lawsuits and a loss in shareholder value. Managing passwords for privileged accounts is a starting point toward securing your IT environment, but more needs to be done. You can help ensure all of your environments are protected by implementing Privileged Identity Management (PIM), streamlining your administration and recording all privileged user sessions. These complementary capabilities combine to enable accountability and reduce your risks.

CA Privileged Identity Manager provides organizations with privileged identity management (PIM) that can offer you powerful control over your organization’s privileged users to reduce the risk of compliance failures or costly security breaches. CA Privileged Identity Manager is a comprehensive and mature PIM solution that provides both broad and deep capabilities that include fine-grained user access controls, shared account password management, UNIX to Active Directory authentication bridging and user activity reporting ̶ in both physical and virtual environments.

Key Features:



Shared Account Management (Privileged User Passwords Management): Provides secure access to privileged accounts, manages password complexity, and enables accountability through the issuance of passwords on a temporary, one-time use basis and secure auditing.


Fine-grained access control: Analyzes all actions taken by a shared account and determine whether to allow a command to be executed or a directory or file accessed based on the individual using that shared account.

03 Unix Authentication Bridging: Manages UNIX users from Microsoft Active Directory, enabling the consolidation of authentication and account information.
04 Session Recording: provide a deep understanding of what truly is taking place on corporate servers and desktops. Video replay provides clear-cut evidence of precise user actions. Unlike system logs, video session records show exactly which applications were run and what files or URLs were accessed.