Web Application Firewall

The Web application firewall (WAF) market is defined by a customer's need to protect internal and public Web applications when they are deployed locally (on-premises) or remotely (hosted, "cloud" or "as a service"). WAFs are deployed in front of Web servers to protect Web applications against hackers' attacks, to monitor access to Web applications, and to collect access logs for compliance/auditing and analytics. Web applications are a prime target of cyber-attacks because they are readily accessible and offer an easy entry point to valuable data. To combat cyber-attacks, organizations need to protect websites and applications from existing and emerging cyber threats without affecting application performance or uptime. Future Data partnered with the global leader Imperva for protecting our clients’ critical web applications. Imperva web application security solutions fit seamlessly into physical, virtual and cloud-based data centers, and deliver the market’s most advanced web application security, constantly updated with threat intelligence curated by the renowned Imperva Application Defense Center research team.

Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall analyzes all user access to your business critical web applications and protects your applications and data from cyber-attacks. SecureSphere Web Application Firewall dynamically learns your applications’ “normal” behavior and correlates this with the threat intelligence crowd-sourced from around the world and updated in real time to deliver superior protection. The industry-leading1 SecureSphere Web Application Firewall identifies and acts upon dangers maliciously woven into innocent-looking website traffic; traffic that slips right through traditional defenses. This prevents application vulnerability attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and remote file inclusion; business logic attacks such as site scraping and comment spam; botnet and DDoS attacks; and account takeover attempts in real-time, before fraud can be performed.

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Gartner: as per Gartner our Imperva solution ranked the only leader in magic quadrant for last two years.


Local References: many local UAE clients trust the same solution.

03 Laser Focus: Imperva/ Future Data is a specialized vendor who focus in Information security
04 Support: our team backed up by 24*7 vendor support is happy to support you at any time