Application Security Assessment

An application security assessment is a crucial part of every company’s software development life-cycle. Results of the assessment are used to improve the overall security posture of their product prior to its public release. The goals of application security are to protect the: Confidentiality of data within the application, Availability of the application, Integrity of data within the application.

Our solution enables you to quickly identify and remediate application security flaws at scale and efficiency. Our SaaS-based platform integrates with your development and security tools, making security testing a seamless part of your development process. Once flaws are identified, leverage in-line remediation advice and one-to-one coaching to reduce your mean time resolve. Static Analysis is the competitive advantage you need to securely bring your applications to market at the speed of DevOps.

Quickly and easily get started with minimal impact on your engineering efforts:

  • No hardware to install or manage due to SaaS model
  • Seamlessly launch scans from the platform or via your IDE or CI/CD pipeline
  • Leverage Veracode’s policies or create your own custom policies to meet your audit deadlines on day one
  • Accelerate program adoption and application coverage with Program Management support

Global Fortune 500 on-boards developers in less than 2 hours- including automated user provisioning, training, application upload and review of initial assessment results

The SaaS-based platform and programmatic approach provides the people, process and technology needed to scale efficiently and scan with speed

  • Test web, mobile or desktop applications of any size with consistent, repeatable processes and policies – even if you don’t have the source code
  • Test multiple applications at once without queuing or manual configuration
  • Seamlessly automate disparate workflows with streamlined and integrated testing in your SDLC
  • Improve productivity continuously with analytics