Data Leak Prevention

Data leak prevention (DLP) is a suite of technologies aimed at stemming the loss of sensitive information that occurs in enterprises across the globe. By focusing on the location, classification and monitoring of information at rest, in use and in motion, this solution can go far in helping an enterprise get a handle on what information it has, and in stopping the numerous leaks of information that occur each day. DLP is not a plug-and-play solution. The successful implementation of this technology requires significant preparation and diligent ongoing maintenance. Enterprises seeking to integrate and implement DLP should be prepared for a significant effort that, if done correctly, can greatly reduce risk to the organization. Those implementing the solution must take a strategic approach that addresses risks, impacts and mitigation steps, along with appropriate governance and assurance measures.

DLP solution use business rules to classify and protect confidential and critical information so that unauthorized end users cannot accidentally or maliciously share data whose disclosure could put the organization at risk. For example, if an employee tried to forward a business email outside the corporate domain or upload a corporate file to a consumer cloud storage service like Dropbox, the employee would be denied permission.

Adoption of DLP is being driven by insider threats and by more rigorous state privacy laws, many of which have stringent data protection or access components. In addition to being able to monitor and control endpoint activities, DLP solution can also be used to filter data streams on the corporate network and protect data in motion.

DLP software solutions allow administrators to set business rules that classify confidential and sensitive information so that it cannot be disclosed maliciously or accidentally by unauthorized end users. DLP solution allows you to discover and control all sensitive data easily and identify your riskiest users within seconds. Whether you need to apply controls to source code, engineering drawings, financial data or sensitive trade secrets, our solution gives you granular control over the data that matters without affecting productivity and progress.