Database Activity Monitoring/ Database Security

The connectivity and ease of internet access have spawned entirely new forms of cyber-crime. The results are changing how consumers, businesses, and governments view the responsibility of protecting sensitive data. In addition to the actual investigation cost, compliance fines and potential brand damage, there is a new concern. A recent appellate court ruling1 marked a change in the definition of “customer damage”, granting class action status to consumers whose personally identifiable data was stolen during the breach. The company liability as a result of a data loss incident has the potential to increase exponentially as the definition of damage is expanded, and legal costs and settlements mount.

Future Data is proud to position the premier choice for securing sensitive business data and applications in the cloud and on-premises.  We address all aspects of Database Activity Monitoring Database Security and compliance with best-in-the-industry database auditing and real-time protection that will not impact performance or availability. With its multitier architecture, Solution that could scales to support the largest database and Big Data installations, by automating security and compliance, it is not surprising that thousands of organizations choose us and our leading vendors to safeguard their most valuable assets.

  • Discover and help classify sensitive databases
  • Identify excessive user rights and dormant users, and enable a complete rights review cycle
  • Protect RDBMS, data warehouses, Big Data platforms, and mainframe databases
  • Alert, quarantine, and block database attacks and unauthorized activities in real-time
  • Automate and schedule compliance tasks and reporting
  • Protect data at the source
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Data protection and audit is a company-wide necessity
  • Data security starts with data discovery
  • Continuous monitoring of sensitive data usage
  • Monitor Big Data, SharePoint, and files stores
  • Detection of unauthorized access, fraudulent activity
  • Unified policy deployment and enforcement
  • Streamlined compliance reporting
  • Effective user rights management across databases
  • Real-time blocking of SQL Injection, DoS, and more
  • Audit analysis for incident investigation and forensics