mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is the interactive multichannel promotion of products or services for mobile phones and devices, smartphones and networks. Mobile marketing channels are diverse and include technology, trade shows or billboards.

Customers can easily get what they are looking for, because marketers notify them with the best deals and services. … These feedback and reviews also seem helpful to other customers as well. Importance of Mobile Marketing. Today, a large fraction of population access internet through mobile rather than laptop or desktop.

The expanding capabilities of mobile devices also enable new types of interactive marketing. New mobile marketing channels include:

  • location-based service: (LBS: which involves detecting the area the user is connecting from (geolocation) and sending marketing messages for businesses in that area.
  • augmented reality mobile campaigns: which overlay the user’s phone display with location-specific information about businesses and products.
  • 2D barcodes: which are barcodes that scan vertically as well as horizontally to include much more information. A mobile user can scan barcodes in the environment to access associated information.
  • GPS messaging: which involves location-specific messages that the user picks up when he comes into range
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