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A comprehensive world class Information Security solutions and consultancy Provider backed up by top global leading vendors and strong technical expertise and industry-leading next-generation cyber security services and solutions. Future Data enable enterprises and government organizations to stay secure all the time. We are a laser focused cyber security Provider that always keen meeting our clients technical and business expectations.

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Security Consultancy Services

Vulnerability assessment & Penetration Testing

In this process, we help you find existing vulnerabilities in your infrastructure by combining technologies

Technology/ Architecture review and ISO/ISR/NESA Consultancy

Security reviews and audits are vital to security risk management. Our Security Audits are based

Security Solutions and Products Portfolio

Database Activity Monitoring/ Database Security

The connectivity and ease of internet access have spawned entirely new forms of cyber-crime. The

Secure Information Sharing

Organizations require a managed file transfer solution which streamlines the exchange of data between your

Application Security Assessment

An application security assessment is a crucial part of every company’s software development life-cycle. Results of the assessment are

Vulnerability Assessment Intelligence

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Discover and profile every device and software component

Security Configuration Compliance

Thousands of organizations trust us to serve as the core of their cybersecurity programs. Join

Web Application Firewall

Web application attacks deny services and steal sensitive data. Web Application Firewall (WAF) analyzes and

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) support our clients to help secure, control, manage and monitor privileged

Identity Governance Access Management

Identity governance is at the center of most organizations’ security and IT operations strategies. It

Data Leak Prevention

Data leak prevention (DLP) is a suite of technologies aimed at stemming the loss of

Security Information and Event Management

Security information and event management (SIEM) software gives enterprise security professionals both insight into and

Endpoint Device Management

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Just like consumers, enterprises are finding benefits in using mobile

Endpoint Protection Security

End users pose the biggest risk to security. They have access to your most valuable


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