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Today, the growth and penetration for the WhatsApp application in mobiles phones or smartphones in North America, Europe and Latin American countries is already 90%. WhatsApp reached 900 million active users worldwide. The traditional SMS Marketing, with a limit of 160 characters, has been forgotten. Innovative mobile marketing strategies with bulk messages thru WhatsApp, allow companies to send 1000 characters per message with pictures, videos or audio, making this strategy a successful alternative to traditional SMS Marketing.

A professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers or create a loyalty program.Your bulk whatsapp messages along with images or videos and unlimited characters. A video or picture is worth than thousand words. Enrich your bulk whatsapp messages attaching a photo, video or vcards.

Majority of the most significant business strategies today are built to target customers at the right spot. It is all about being present where your prospects are spending most of their time. This is why you see more and more companies focusing more energy on making their business app-centric. This game plan has worked more often than not.

One of the most interesting ways of exploiting this potential is Whatsapp marketing. This highly convenient messaging app has become quite a weapon for all kinds of businesses because it allows you to send bulk whatsapp messages in one go. With more than one billion active users, the potential is undoubtedly huge and that’s what smart business owners are not in a mood to ignore. The watsapp marketing is the best when it comes to sending across messages to a large target audience.

What makes whatsapp bulk messaging such an effective marketing tool?

  • All its users are totally hooked to the app. There’s every chance they’ll listen to you if you share something there.
  • Whatsapp allows multimedia transfer conveniently. The image of your product can reach your audience in no time at all.
  • Quick Communication. Customers enjoy the fact that they’re able to get personalized responses to their queries quickly.
  • It’s free. As of now, it is managing to sta
  •  is great if you wish to send marketing information to several people in one go. The whatsapp bulk is quick and easy. Besides, it gives you responses only from interested leads and not just automatically generated e-mails.

Users are turning to whatsapp for ordering everything from food to high end jewelry and enjoying every bit of it. With high resolution images and videos transferred in just a snap, it gets easier for sellers to promote their products in the best possible way. Even though Whatsapp doesn’t allow commercial use as per its policy, the trend does not seem to stop. Several business owners have expressed how they’ve transformed their activities using this amazing platform. Interestingly, many of them also feel that this move was not strategized solely by them; in fact, it was their customer base which drove it. Most of their customers found it convenient to enquire and often shop using their Whatsapp account, they just followed the lead.

Through whatsapp bulk sms marketing, you can make most of this trend to take your revenue to the next level. Whats up Marketing was initiated in 2013 as the very first, well recognized bulk Whats up Marketing. Since then, many manufacturers, enterprises and store-owners have utilized it to increase their sales dramatically. Our bulk whatsapp campaigns are designed to make compelling contacts with your targets and increase your lead conversion ration immensely. With WhatsApp bulk messaging, you can do much more than an ordinary account. All its services and packages are designed keeping the business generation factors in mind. If you want to increase your potential customers, get your watsapp bulk sms today.

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